Peer-Reviewed Papers and Articles

Hill, Michael, Jason Kokkat, and Eric Hansen. 2016. “Sincerity Trumps Strategy: Explaining the Youth Vote in the 2016 Presidential Primary.Critique. Spring: 19-38. Presented: April 22, 2016. Illinois State University Conference for Students of Political Science.

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Thoele, Luke, Michael Hill. 2019. “Trenchless Technology Leads to Award for City Project.” NASTT’s Trenchless Today. Spring: 40.

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Public Works Department. August 2019. "Hybrid-Electric and Electric Garbage Trucks Could be the Future, but they’re Not Ready." City of Bloomington, Illinois.

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Public Works Department. January 2020. "Idle Reduction Technologies Available from the Factory." City of Bloomington, Illinois.

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Sample News Articles

Hill, Michael. April 18, 2016. "Equinox House Models Rainwater Collection" WGLT.

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Hill, Michael. April 26, 2016. "McLean County Considering Fixes For Voting Problems." WGLT.

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Hill, Michael. September 19, 2016. "Bloomington Council Supporting More Infrastructure Funding." WGLT.

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Milita, Kerri, Jason Kokkat, and Michael Hill. “Sorry/Not Sorry: Public Responses to Questionable Candidate Statements.” Illinois State University. Presented: May 6, 2016. Midwest Psychological Association Annual Meeting. Working Paper.

Hill, Michael. “Arrested Development: Finding a Solution for Deteriorating Residential Private Streets." City of Bloomington. Presented: May 3, 2018. American Public Works Association Illinois Chapter Conference. Working Paper.